OPPO India invests USD 60 million under ‘Vihaan’ initiative to boost smartphone Industry

OPPO to invest USD 60 mn under ‘Vihaan’ initiative to boost smartphone industry in India

OPPO India aims to partner with more local suppliers to strengthen the local supply chain for a robust smartphone ecosystem in India. OPPO India has collaborated with the Government and the industry in encouraging around 30 Tier-1 suppliers to set up operations in India.

Smartphone mammoth OPPO India on Friday launched a new action– Vihaan– to empower small- to-medium enterprises( SMEs) and micro, small and medium enterprises( MSMEs) to amplify their operations and, in turn, strengthen the original force chain for a robust smartphoneeco-system in the country.

Reiterating OPPO India’s commitment to India, Mr Vivek Vasishtha,Vice-President, Public Affairs, OPPO India said, “ The forward- looking, assiduity-friendly programs of the Indian Government have created an enabling terrain which nurtures and promotes invention, unleashing the electronics manufacturing assiduity. With a robust original force chain getting established, the time is right for promoting exports of our quality ‘ Make in India ’ smartphones to linked requests. This would grease OPPO India in expanding the import capacity to USD 5 billion over the coming five times. In tandem with the Government’s vision of an ‘ Aatmanirbhar Bharat ’, OPPO India will be explosively supporting original manufacturing & exports, SMEs and MSMEs, cutting- edge technologies, and skill development in the sector through ‘ Vihaan ’ program. ”
OPPO India aims to mate with further original suppliers to strengthen the original force chain for a robust smartphone ecosystem in India. OPPO India has banded with the Government and the assiduity in encouraging around 30 league- 1 suppliers to set up operations in India. They’ve employed over knockouts of thousands of Indians locals contributing to the development of the electronics assiduity and enhancing India’s elevation in the global value chains.

OPPO India has been necessary in driving localisation sweats for the country since its commencement and has developed a strong network of further than 1000 distributors. These distributors are an illustration of the SME and MSME in the country seeking for support to further enhance their deals capability and professional chops. Through these sweats, OPPO India will foster stronger connections with the network, which will drive their growth locally and help them in expanding their global vestiges in line with OPPO India’s import business.
Supporting the public vision of India getting the invention capital of the world, OPPO India is making strategic investments in slice- edge technologies. In the coming 5 times, OPPO India will be riveting on initiating the development of coming- word technologies similar as AI, 5Getc. to accelerate the product development process from India, empowering and mentoring technology start- ups end- to- end, and exploring collaborations with educational institutions to nurture the invention culture.

OPPO to invest USD 60 mn under 'Vihaan' initiative to boost smartphone industry in India

Aligned with its brand charge of “ Technology for humanity, Kindness for the World ”, OPPO India emphasizes on its responsibility as a global commercial citizen through Vihaan Initiative. OPPO India is riveting on making long- term investments in social enterprise in India towards terrain protection, youth commission, digital addition, and health & good.
With an investment of INR 2400cr, OPPO India has set up a ‘ super plant ’ in Greater Noida which manufactures one smartphone every three seconds. The manufacturing phenomenon employs a strong task force of knockouts of thousands of members who work world- class outfit to make quality products. The R&D centre in Hyderabad, set up in 2018, is leading invention and patent form in 5G, camera, and power & performance through state- of- the- art technology riveted labs. The manufacturing and R&D installations in India are its largest outside landmass China. OPPO India also bestowed 2000 oxygen concentrators to the Government of Uttar Pradesh, the Red Cross Society and other institutions, to prop in the fight against COVID19 and over 7000 OPPO bands to colorful countries police departments and frontal- line workers.

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