Muddassir Khan (Yebook) Age, Bio, Career, Family, Height, Images, YouTube, Net-Worth & More

Muddassir Khan (Yebook) Age, Bio, Career, Family, Height, Images, YouTube, Net-Worth & More

Muddassir Khan (Yebook)- Wiki, Biography, Age, Hometown, Career, Height, Weight, Parents, Family, Siblings, YouTube, Yebook, and More

Full Name

Muddassir Khan


Aurangabad, India


YouTuber and founder of ‘Yebook’

Known for

Being the owner of Yebook

Muddassir Khan BIOGRAPHY
Muddassir Khan Wiki Bio


Muddassir Khan is a famous YouTuber who runs ‘yebook’ – the number one channel for book summaries, where he teaches people from famous books and mentors through hundred of expert videos. He was born and brought up in Aurangabad, India. He agreed in one of his videos that he was not a good student. Also, he dropped school after 9th standard because of a business loss that happened to his father. They didn’t have enough money to pay the fees. Currently, he is working as the founder of Yebook YouTube channel (3.5m Subs) & Yebook app. His website ‘Yebook’ is in the Hindi language that targets people who wish to learn and grow.

His website says:

थोड़े से समय में बहुत सारा ज्ञान
हर समय नया सीखने की भूख रखने वालों के लिए, कम समय में ज्यादा सीखने की चाहत रखने वालों के लिए, और जिन्हें पढ़ना पसंद नहीं है उनके लिए भी!

Physical Statistics

Height- 5’7″ (in feet inches)
Eye Color- Black
Hair Color- Black


There’s not much information about his family. However, his father died in June 2015, which Muddassir believes was the toughest time for him.


There’s not much information about his relationships.


Muddassir Khan has learned HTML and JavaScript. After that, he also designed a website for his company using HTML. In 2001, he worked at an Internet cafe for just Rs. 900. However, he wanted to learn about the internet so he kept learning. He learned programming languages like PHP there. Khan met a person named Anurag on Yahoo messenger, who he probed about how news websites used to run. He told Khan about CMS and Joomla then, and Muddassir made a news website after that. He also made one of the billing applications.

Young Muddassir Khan

All of his learning came into practice when he started working on yebook app. The backend is made in PHP, and the backend developer who was working on his app left the work. So Muddassir continued working on it. He also worked on the front end and helped in coding as well. After that, he has always seen self-learning in his videos since he deeply believes in it.

Young Muddassir Khan

After the death of his father, he started to watch motivational videos and got highly inspired by ‘Fight Mediocrity.’ Muddassir loved his content and wanted to make apps, and websites, animate, and create unusual content. He researched how animation videos are made and started making his own videos. Khan shot his first video on his mobile.

Muddassir Khan YouTube Channel, Yebook
Muddassir Khan Biography Wikipedia

Muddassir Khan now is a YouTuber, who runs two channels, named YeBook and another channel is titled his name. YeBook has more than 3.53 million subscribers in 2022. He also has another YouTube channel, titled his name. He also has a website for Yebook and even runs an app for the same.

Interesting Facts About Muddassir Khan

1. In 1997, Muddassir Khan used to animate characters while he was in his 6th standard. He used to make dinosaurs back then.

Muddassir Khan Wikipedia

2. When he was a child, he used to learn magic tricks from books, which were given to him by his father. He used to learn from a book, 101 Magic Tricks.

3. Muddassir loves cats.

Muddassir Khan loves cats

4. He loves playing piano in his free time.

Muddassir Khan Biography Wiki

5. Muddassir posts motivational videos and other videos on his channel named Muddassir Khan.

Muddassir Khan Biography

6. In June 2022, Sandeep Maheshwari invited Muddassir Khan on his YouTube channel for collaboration. Here’s what Maddassir has to say about that:


7. Khan also revealed that he once applied to be an audience in Sandeep Maheshwari’s sessions. And, in 2022 he is called as a guest.

Muddassir Khan with Sandeep Maheshwari on Sandeep’s YouTube Channel

8. He loves spending time with his friends.

9. Muddassir was invited for a podcast in Aurangabad (his hometown).

Muddassir Khan Podcast in Aurangabad

10. Muddassir is color blind.

Muddassir Khan (Yebook) Images

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