Food delivery agent ate a customer’s food, later said that he doesn’t care

Food delivery agent ate a customer’s food, later said that he doesn’t care

In a Tweet, a man told about his ordeal about ordering food and how the delivery agent ate his food.

Our lives are now simpler thanks to online apps. Every smartphone has a variety of apps, and food delivery apps are surely among them. The ease of having our favourite foods quickly delivered to our door is unmatched. But, in the recent past, there have been many cases where the food was either not delivered or was eaten by the delivery agent. Something similar recently happened with a man in the UK.

In a Tweet made by user @BodyBagnall, he explained his ordeal with a food delivery agent from Deliveroo. Bagnall placed a food order through the British online food delivery service Deliveroo. He waited for his doorbell to ring but instead received a text notice on his phone. “Sorry,” the food delivery person texted. The agent responded to Bagnall’s question, “What happened,” by saying, “This food is very tasty. I eat this; you can report to the Deliveroo Company. ” Liam shared his struggle on Twitter by providing a screenshot of the entire exchange.

Take a look at his Tweet here:

This Tweet was shared just a few days ago, since then, it has gained 192,000 likes and several comments. One person wrote, “What was it you ordered, mate? Must have been good!” Another person said, “The sheer confidence, have to respect that, but he was indeed a very awful man.” A third person said, “I really like that guy. I’d be fuming but damn that’s hilarious.” Some others have reacted using emojis.

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