Anubhav Dubey (Chai Sutta Bar) Wiki, Age Net Worth, Income, Family, Girlfriend, IAS, State, Car, Instagram, Qualifications and Biography

Who is Anubhav Dubey?

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Entrepreneurship might have been in his genes, but Anubhav Dubey started a tea shop in Indore at the age of 22 without the knowledge of his father, a real estate businessman, along with a friend Anand Nayak.

Anubhav Dubey (Chai Sutta Bar) Wiki, Age Net Worth, Income, Family, Girlfriend, IAS, State, Car, Instagram, Qualifications and Biography

Chai Sutta Bar (Anubhav Dubey) Wiki

Anubhav Dubey Biography

NameAnubhav Dubey
Home TownRewa city of Madhya Pradesh
EducationRenaissance Collage of Commerce and Management
WorkChai Sutta Bar Pvt. Ltd.
HobbiesVolleyball, Dance, Exploring new culture
PassionCreating Wealth and making People Smile
Anubhav Dubey’s early educationCompleted from Maharishi Vidya Mandir
For further studiesMoved to Indore
Total Chai Sutta Bar OutletMore than 165
Chai Sutta Bar Turnover100 cr +
Chai Sutta Bar LaunchedJuly 2016
Chai Sutta Bar Starting AmountFrom Just Rs.3 Lakh
Chai Sutta Bar FranchiseDubai, Nepal, Muscat, Oman
Anubhav Dubay Mother and Father (Family)

Success Story of Chai Sutta Bar

Today I am talking about a startup

The startup started about 4.5 years from Today

And today it has become an international level brand along with India.

The startup is making a splash in countries like Oman, Muscat, Nepal, Dubai and Canada

and become very famous

The name of the startup that we are going to talk about today is Chai Sutta Bar.

How it started with a capital of 3 lakhs has become a start-up 100 crore company

Today running successfully in countries like Oman, Muscat, Nepal and Canada

Today we know about its story

This startup started in 2016

Anubhav Dubey, who hails from Indore, started it with his friend Anand Nayak in 2016.

It started on a topiary not on the table or you can say it started with a “Chaupal”.

It has more than 160 outlets all over the world.

There was a big objective behind this.

To reach India’s tea and India’s soil all over the world

Clay made of clay is used inside the tea

That worker is a potter who used to get employment for 2 to 3 months within a whole year.

And because of them, they get employment throughout the year.

Within a day, more than 3 lakhs are hushed by the tea sutta bar.

All over India, Anubhav Dubey and Anand Nayak hired one man, Manoj

Manoj who used to work in a small shop, then after that he joined them

Hired Manoj and was told that in the initial days we do not have money to give you

Manoj was made a professional

And taking him to the street and street, he was trained by a Famous Tea seller.

Which he benefited in his business

Such people are also given less, who are orphans, disabled and economic weaker section, you see the social touch of this business

Anubhav Dubey, who had skipped his studies, already had an interest in social service.

He first started giving employment to potters, who used to get employment for only 2 to 3 months in a year.

Now they started getting employment throughout the year and 3 lakh kulhad were sold in a day.

And after that, he started employing Orphans, Economic Weaker Section and disabled people on his own.

What can you learn from this tea sutta bar?

See the marketing strategy of Chai Sutta Bar: The first one to open Chai Sutta Bar outlet

The first outlets were opened in Indore and this outlet started from the girl’s side

And why did it open?? Purpose the girls to be the first to be their customers

Because once the girls become our customers, then the boys will automatically follow them.

And this was their business strategy, whenever you do a business, it is very difficult to get customers in the beginning

And what business strategy did he adopt, invited all his friends to drink free tea

This was the reason that people kept coming and taking good vibes and they got to give a good atmosphere

People say that it was very crowded and seeing the crowd, people started getting excited and seeing that crowd, some person will go and try

All the people who went and saw it got to see the best-flavoured tea and some snacks like Maggi, Noodles and Sandwiches which are quick to make.

This was his business strategy, how to make a business successful

You can learn this from them

Now this had become their business model and whenever they opened this outlet, they used to invite free people to drink tea

Come drink for free, as he used to drink, he used to come regularly to him next time and became his customer

Let me tell you an important thing, they were going to take Donald’s franchise in the starting but he did not have that much money

Due to lack of money, he did this, will develop his own brand and give it to the franchisee

If he had taken Mc Donald’s franchise, he would not have been able to create his brand today

And running very successfully in countries like Dubai, Muskut, Nepal, Oman & Canada

It’s been 4.5 years since they run their startup and they haven’t taken any funding.

Expanding your business by investing your own business profit

And without any external investment, this startup is running smoothly in many countries of the world like Oman, Muscat and Canada

Has become an international level brand with its own investment

Chai Sutta bar now let’s talk about why they didn’t take investment

Why did they not take investment even after having such a successful business and there was a big reason behind them not taking investment

They used to think that if we make the investment first, then we have to distribute a lot of shares.

That’s why they didn’t take investment first and hence ran the startup successfully without any external investment

Apart from this, he also has some other businesses such as Chai Sutta Bar Trading Pvt. Ltd. End non-veg brand 2 bott 4 roti and also an NGO

It shares your soap in its franchise model and how to do the work

You are fully trained, it is a replica of the company

if you are interested in their franchise model then you too can start a business with a small investment.

You can open an outlet of Chai Sutta Bar

This was the story of Chai Sutta Bar which started with 3 lakh rupees and became a 100 crore company within 4.5 years.

Anubhav dubey (Chai sutta bar) Height, Weight

अनुभव दुबे की height 5.8 फ़ीट है और Weight लगभग 70 kg है. इनका Eye Colour Black और Hair Colour भी Black है।

Height (Approx)In centimeters – 176 cm
In meters – 1.76m
In feet & Inches – 5.8
Wight (Approx)In Kilograms- 70 kg
In Pounds- 154 lbs
Eye ColourBlack
Hair ColourBlack

Anubhav dubey (Chai sutta bar) height, weight, eye colour, hair colour

Anubhav dubey (chai sutta bar facts):

1: He is the president of Fartz foundation to help needed people

2: he got an award of United nations young change marker conclave i.e (UNYCC)

3: in future yes planning to open a non veg product brand with the name 2 boti 4 roti

4: Anubhav has an IT company name tech Master Gogo

5: chai sutta bar trading PVT.LTD trade in ceremic product

6: he started business chai sutta bar with his friend Anand Nayak

7: His Story was documented by NCERT

Chai suta bar address:

Chai suta bar pune address:

Shrenik garden Apartment,shop No.2 shahu colony, lane No.1 karve nagar-hingne Budrukh pune-411052(near cummin college)

Chai sutta bar santa address:

Dhariwala, complex, shop no. 6,7,8 road behind vidhan Sabha janpath second, krishna  nager, jaipur,Rajasthan 302015,phone : 07357354643

 Chai sutta bar Surat Address :

Green signature shoppers, opp, THE LEGEND vesh,surat, Gujrat 398007

Chai sutta bar Chandigarh address:

Sector 36 market RD,D sector,sector 36., chandigarh,160036

Chai sutta bar delhi address:

Shop no.93, opposite sri venkateswara college, moti bagh,new delhi,delhi 110021,phone 08445892116

Chai Sutta Bar Menu

Chai Sutta Bar Menu

Anubhav dubey (Chai sutta bar) incomeNet Worth

Chai sutta bar started with Rs 3 lakh and Himat wanted to do something different and today has done business of 100 crores in 4 years. Along with income, the biggest thing today is giving employment to more than 1500 people.

Chai sutta bar has 75+ outlets in 30+ cities.

ProfessionBusiness man
and social media influencer
Instagram1 Lakh Followers Click here
Youtube Channel1 Lakh Subscribers Click here
Facebook Page20k Followers Click here

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Who is Anubhav Dubey ?

Anubhav Dubey is the owner of Chai Sutta Bar.

Where is Anubhav Dubey from ?

Anubhav Dubey is from Rewa city of Madhya Pradesh.

Where did Anubhav Dubey get his early education ?

Anubhav Dubey’s early education was completed from Maharishi Vidya Mandir.

Where did Anubhav Dubey go for further studies ?

Anubhav Dubey had gone to Indore for further studies.

How many outlets are there in Chai sutta bar ?

Chai sutta bar has a total of more than 165 outlets.

What is the turnover of Chai sutta bar ?

The turnover of Chai sutta bar is 100 crores +.

When was Chai Sutta Bar started?

Chai Sutta Bar was started in July 2016.

Where is the franchise of Chai Sutta Bar located ?

Chai Sutta Bar has a franchise in India, Dubai, Nepal, Muscat, Oman.

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